Explore some of the remarkable sites that the Graveyard of the Atlantic is known for through this local diving company that allows Morehead City and Crystal Coast scuba divers access to one of the most infamous shipwreck-havens in the world. Easy to access for Downtown Morehead and island visitors alike, this professional diving crew will take passengers on the trip of a lifetime to a number of iconic wrecks that span the centuries, and which are swarming with nurse sharks, tiger sharks, and an underwater world of wildlife.

All scuba diving trips take place onboard the Mutiny II, which is a converted 44' Henriques Sport Fisher that offers one of the largest cockpits and decks of any boat in her class, as well as plenty of room for gearing up and storing your diving equipment. Once onboard, it’s a speedy ride to a number of barely-offshore wrecks which can include the 1942 “Hutton,” the 1942 “Papoose,” the German Submarine U-352, and a number of other vessels that were lost to wars, the shifting sandbars, and the notoriously dangerous coastal conditions. Serving as a fine introduction to the Outer Banks’ often overlooked diving scene, Atlantic Beach Diving Services will offer avid scuba divers an unforgettable North Carolina experience.

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Atlantic Beach