Treat yourself to a fresh-baked breakfast goodie or a loaf of homemade bread to accompany a decadent dinner at home with a stop at this hidden gem that’s located just a couple of blocks away from the heart of Downtown Beaufort. Les Ciseaux is a small but charming bakery that features a number of baked-good staples and much more, with a selection of fresh fare that changes on a daily basis.

Les Ciseaux is located on Broad Street and is just a minute’s walk away from some of Downtown Beaufort’s favorite attractions, which makes it an easy destination for anyone exploring the waterfront scene. Inside the small and inviting shop, patrons will find a daily variety of freshly baked goods which can include cinnamon rolls, croissants, baguettes, and loaves of bread, depending on the day. With coffee and other drinks available, Les Ciseaux is an ideal spot to start off a Beaufort morning, or to pick up some enticing fare to enjoy at home. Featuring an ever-changing menu and a variety of items, this bakery in Beaufort is worth visiting again and again to see what new goodies have just come out of the oven.   

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  • Thursday08:00AM-03:00PM
  • Friday08:00AM-03:00PM
  • Saturday08:00AM-02:00PM